A Gridless Corkboard

This is something I’ve wanted for the longest time, and only now did it occur to me that it would fit perfectly with the way I want to use Scrivener (which is my favorite app).

Problem: Index cards are auto-aligned on a grid in corkboard view, which gives off the impression that everything is sequential, even if that isn’t true. Also, this is problematic when sorting a sequence in which there are holes, as holes aren’t represented.

Solution: Arbitrary placement, fullscreen, endless and zoomable corkboard. The perfect visual layout tool, for structuring story notes, screenplay sequences, character notes or whatever else. Instead of having obsolete or temporary notes in a separate folder, you can just pile them up down in the corner. Have a scene that can go two ways in a sequence, overlap them until you decide. The possibilities are EEEeeeeeeeendleeeesss… And so, I’m sure, are the developer troubles, getting this to work.

But for what it’s worth, I would totally pay good gold for this.

Oh: [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/a-more-real-cork-board/5538/1]

Given that the final output is likely to be a text (or screenplay) that is printed (or filmed) in sequence, yes, it is sequential. Even if you’re writing a choose-your-own-adventure story, the final product book will have a sequence of pages in order for it to be printed.

“Holes” in the sequence can be represented by blank documents. I do it all that time: need a scene here - drop a new index card in the right place with a sentence or two on the card describing what will eventually fill the hole. Stamp it “To Do” with the status stamp. Write it later. This is what Scrivener was designed for!

Please search the forums, this request is made very often, and it really doesn’t fit into the philosophy of the Corkboard and how it integrates with everything else. Many very detailed answers have been given in other threads.