A heads up on problems in Windows 8

I know you don’t support Windows 8 yet but I thought I’d give you a heads up a problem with Scrivener in that environment.

I installed Scrivener 1.0.3 in a clean Windows 8 64bit environment. I created a new project with the short story template and worked on it in full screen mode. When I use ESC to return to the main Scrivener window the full screen environment remains open as a second window that is sometimes accessible and sometimes not. Meaning… The scrivener icon in the task bar gets the layer treatment, and a mouseover of the icon shows two scrivener window previews, one of which is the main window, the other of which is blank. Hovering over the blank preview will show the full screen window you just escaped out of. Clicking on the blank preview will usually just flash the screen and put me back in the main Scrivener window or whatever window was active when I clicked on the icon.

Note I’m only posting this so you are aware of it as you move to make Scrivener compatible with Windows 8 once it is released. I don’t expect a fix for a beta OS :smiley:

If I run into anything else I’ll let you know but I don’t use Scrivener as heavily as most people here. I doubt I’ll have a need to even compile anything before I switch back to Windows 7. If you have any questions or have something specific you want me to try let me know. I’ll probably use this setup for another week or so.


Yes, in Windows 8 this problem exists.

Though it does have a fair number of bugs (hopefully to be fixed soon)the 1.03 is NOT a beta, it is the official first release.

Win Scrivener v. 1.0.3 is the release version. However Windows 8 is still a beta. As such, no, fixing compatibility issues with it is not going to be as high a priority.


You may have misunderstood me, or perhaps I misunderstood your statement.

To clarify:
I do NOT expect Scrivener to fix issues occurring in Scrivener when used in the Beta Windows 8 OS. That would not make sense

However I certainly DID assume that there would be bug fixes for the problems in Scrivener with EXISTING operating systems such as Vista, XP and Win7.

Is that not going to happen? Because that would definitely be disappointing to us that bought Scrivener knowing there were bugs but assuming they would be fixed.


Sigh… stupid pronouns.

Yes, you are correct, Scrivener for Windows is in active development and those bugs remaining in version 1.0.3 will be addressed. (Indeed, many of those bugs are fixed in the 1.1.0 beta, public release of which is expected in a matter of days.)

No, fixing compatibility issues with the Windows 8 Beta is not a high priority.

I’m sorry for the confusion.


HI Katherine
Thanks for the clarification.
One question: Should those of us on the paid 1.0.3 download/install the 1.1.0 beta, or wait for the official release?

I’d say that depends on you and your tolerance for beta software.

If you’re directly affected by any of the bugs that the beta fixes, or if you’ve been waiting for the beta’s new features, then downloading it might give you a better Scrivener experience.

If you’re not bothered by the known bugs, the beta might give you a chance to discover a whole batch of fun new bugs. :frowning: While we of course hope that won’t be the case, the nature of beta software is that there are no guarantees.

If it were me, it would also depend on my current workload. Deadline time on a major project is the wrong time to be playing with new software, for example.


I beta tested the Scrivener for windows, so I’m OK. I REALLY need the import from final draft, so I’m downloading it and will install it as a different folder