A hitch in the annotation feature

Not a bug, but a small though sometimes rather unpleasant imperfection.

Among the many nice features in Scrivener Gold is the annotation feature, which I dearly hope will make its way into Scrivener 1.0. Once an annotation has been made, hovering the mouse over the higlighted area should bring the annotation to the surface in a tool tip. But in my experience it is not easy to find inside the yellow area the ‘trigger’ that brings the annotation to the surface. You have to hover again and again over the highlighted area, and if you’re lucky, you find it. This could, and perhaps should, be improved.

It must be said, though, that Scrivener Gold is certainly not the only application with this imperfection. I noticed a very similar hitch in Papyrus’ annotation feature.

For some reason I never quite got around to answering this one - sorry about that.

The annotation feature in the next version of Scrivener is rather different. All annotations will be inline - this is mentioned, I believe, in the SG tutorial. There was a lengthy discussion about this on the old forums, and most agreed that the current implementation was rather awkward.