A Hundred Thanks

I am someone who has owned another major novel development/creation software for two years. In that time, I’ve struggled to the point of tears to learn its complexities, desperately needing the tools it provided to develop and write a 150,000 word novel. Time and again I’ve set it aside to try other products, looking for something–anything–that works. I’d long given up and resigned myself to using Word.

I downloaded Scrivener’s beta for Windows last week. Your videos and your documentation are clear and simple to understand. The beta manual is readable. Usable. Which is something I’ve NEVER seen before in any software manual. Scrivener itself is elegant and so very writer friendly. I can use this. I AM using it. You can’t release version 1.0 soon enough for me.

Two years with an impossible learning curve for the other program vs. less than a week to get up and running in Scrivener? I only wish you’d developed the Windows version years ago. You can’t know how grateful this particular writer is that you’ve done it now.

I don’t care if it’s beta. I don’t care that it hasn’t all the bells and whistles of 2.0 for Mac. For years, developing a novel hasn’t been much fun for me on a software level. You’ve brought that back when I’d despaired of any writing program getting out of the way and letting me focus on creating.



Absolutely, forth-ed … But I haven’t read the help files, or watched the tutorial. And yet its still usable. and a breeze to manipulate.

Release version 1.0 [please!] cash ready!

Fifthed, without a shadow of a doubt. :smiley:

Hear hear!

Scrivener: takin’ out the trash!