A keyboard shortcut for collapsing/expanding binder items?

Hi, I am in the process of deciding whether or not I should switch my writing project over to the iOS version of Scrivener from Omnioutliner. The Omnioutliner does everything I need, but there is a very good chance of accidentally deleting a parent node (and all of its thousands of children) without noticing. What I like about the Scrivener outliner setup is that accidental deletion isn’t possible. HOWEVER - the way I work requires the ability to collapse/expand nodes quickly and as part of my typing workflow. I see that this is possible by swiping left or right on the ipad screen, but I’m really hoping there’s a keyboard shortcut I’ve overlooked. Surely it exists? Can someone let me know?
Much appreciated.

Scrivener unfortunately does not have a shortcut for that (you can find a list of iOS shortcuts here).

It may seem an odd choice, especially given the desktop version is not this way at all, but as far as outlining conventions go, Scrivener for iOS is biased toward hoisting rather than folding. If you don’t know what I mean by that, try arrowing down to a container and hitting the key, then to get back.

What happened is that in step A of development and design, hoisting was the only thing that existed (because that is all iOS supports natively, and it wasn’t certain how far we would take the design—at one point even the corkboard wasn’t on the table, to put it into perspective), so most of the considerations for UI and keyboard integration were wrapped around that model. Showing expanded containers inline came rather late in the initial development cycle, and by that time it was too close to the scheduled closed beta cycle to really go back to the drawing board and make it a full outliner. Hence folding, what is bread and butter for outlining, ended up becoming a somewhat modal implementation with an unusual multi-action UI for managing it.

Consequently it’s a bit of a hybrid, while the Mac/PC experience is decidedly more like a traditional outliner (albeit one with a massive “notes” field). That all said, there may be some way of getting keyboard access into this, so I’ve put that on the list for consideration.

Thanks for explaining that so thoroughly, AmberV. I appreciate you adding it to the list for consideration. Giving Scrivener full outliner-capabilities would make it a truly incredible program.