A keyboard shortcut to edit an index card's synopsis?

I love the index cards in Scrivener. I sometimes find myself making many at once and giving them titles as I make them. I like how I can do that using only my keyboard. Though having to click with the mouse to edit the synopsis is getting a bit annoying.

Is there some key or key combo to start editing the synopsis of the currently selected card (even if it only works in corkboard mode)? Because if there is one, I haven’t been able to find it and I would appreciate it if someone could tell me what it is :slight_smile:

While you’re working cards, you can get from Title to Synopsis with the Tab key—and in fact that navigates between cards as well. The only thing that doesn’t have a keyboard access point right now is getting into edit mode in a stack of existing cards. If you’re making cards then Tab and Enter are your main keys.

Okay now to get to the card in the inspector from the Binder it’s the same thing. Tab key will jump over to the title of the card, and Tab again to the synopsis. Ctrl-Tab will get you into the text editor (and back out).

Don’t know how I missed trying the tab key to get from typing the title to typing the synopsis. Thank you so much :slight_smile: That will be helpful when creating index cards.

Though the tab key only switches to the Synopsis if I’m already editing a title or synopsis. If I’m not, then it goes to the Search box. Aside from hit ctrl+N to create a new index card, is there a way to get from selecting the card itself to selecting what’s in it (the title and synopsis)?

No, that is what I was saying above. On the corkboard there is currently a lacking in ways to toggle edit mode on with the keyboard. I would think just double-clicking the thing you want to edit is going to be easier that pressing Ctrl-N to make a dummy card you don’t want, just to get into Edit mode, then Tab or Shift-Tab around to get to where you really wanted to be, and then finally once you’re done, deleting the extra card. :slight_smile:

Sorry that I missed that you said that. I completely agree that double clicking to enter editing is better than making a dummy card. I just prefer not to switch between the keyboard and mouse when possible, especially since my “mouse” is a wacom tablet, so there’s more reaching involved than with a normal mouse.

Though to leave edit mode, I just hit Esc. So it can be half way toggled.

Thank you for help though :smiley: