A larger area for collections above the binder

Not sure whether this should be a bug report or feature request, but hopefully easy to implement.

I use saved searches a lot. At the moment, the splitter between the binder area and the collection area stops being draggable when 7 collections are displayed, the remaining collections remaining out of view but accessible using the scrollbar. And, at the moment, the colours of the collections ‘below the fold’ are greyed out until you mouse-over them.
So what I am asking is, would it possible to allow the splitter bar to increase the area for collections a little more please

Thank you

Using version and Win7 64bit

Yeah, this is something that’s definitely on our list; unfortunately it’s not as easy to work out in the code as one could wish, without breaking some other aspects of the interface, so that’s why it’s currently such a limited height. But once Lee is able to overhaul a few things in the code, this should get fixed.

In one project I need a lot of different search collections and would like to be able to adjust the size for the collections titles freely. You can shrink it but you cannot increase the size beyond a maximum, as shown here:


So you have to scroll within the upper window a lot.

This is on Windows

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