A list of wishes

I use Scrivener for PC and I have a running (and collaborative) list of wishes that I and other Scrivener for PC users have been keeping. Perhaps you’ll find it helpful.

You can view it here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UYm03W2KHOWmDT7aHdftqnnTh4cO2DR2iwJQVnN35Y8/edit?usp=sharing

I just get an error, I’m afraid - I don’t seem to be able to see or download anything.

All the best,

FYI, it says…

I want to be able to…
Sort labels and statuses in the Outliner
Search for special characters in Find and Replace (with Unicode characters?)
Search for all nonprint characters (not just tabs and spaces)
Have a free-form corkboard
Apply heading styles and then change them with one click (like Styles in Word)
Create lists with smaller bullet points (not large ones)
Remove the strange formatting (indent) that occurs after a bulleted list
Create drop caps
Apply a widows/orphan feature for print books
Run self-editing macros
Have a mind-map view
Write in HTML


Great, thanks!

  • Sorting by label and status in the outliner is already possible in the Mac version and will be coming to Windows.
  • A freeform corkboard is already available in the Mac version and will be coming to Windows.
  • Styles are coming to both versions in the future.
  • There are no plans for any of the other items on the list, though, sorry!

All the best,

Searching for nonprinting characters on Windows will also improve in the future, not necessarily with Unicode, but at least adding the ability to search for carriage returns and line breaks.