A little basic help

I’m so new that I have 29 days left on the trial period and mostly enjoy Scrivener so far. I say mostly because I’ve been playing with it, but there are a few things that confuse the mess out of me.

I’ve figured out how to add scenes, but do you make a folder for each chapter in the manuscript section and put the scenes in there? A blog told me NOT to name the chapters by number, since the program will do this automatically and if the chapters aren’t named just leave the folder named “chapter.” Is this correct? I also see that you can easily move the chapters around so the first chapter can become the fifth and vice-versa.

This brings me to another concern/question. How do you view the novel in its entirety before compiling? This is important to make sure I have a good transition between scenes and reading the whole thing through for editing.

Sorry for the newbie questions that have probably been answered a thousand times and thanks :blush:

Welcome to Scrivener and the forum, Douglas.

A quick question: have you spent time going through the Interactive Tutorial (under the Help menu)? If not, I thoroughly recommend it. It will answer most of your questions (for example, how you can view the entirety of your novel), and many you haven’t thought of yet! Scrivener is different from traditional word processors, but, once you understand how to use it, you’ll see that the differences are there to make writing easier.

Thanks. I’m starting to understand the program better now and managed to compile a test book with my own cover and it looks okay on my Kindle Reader program. The tutorial itself served as a guide on how to do chapters, in addition to reading it.

There is still one oddity, though. When I tried to view that test book in Group Mode, it told me the folder was empty even though I have three chapters in it. :confused: