A little late, but I need help activating a Scrivener download I purchased two years ago

I bought Scrivener 1.7 (I know, I am going to upgrade soon) from Amazon two years ago. I received an activation code, but I have no idea where to go to activate it, so that I can get my license information. I would love to be able to use this without having to purchase it again. If I have to, though, I will.

Does anyone have any tips or maybe where I should go to put in my activation code???

All licensing issues are handled by sales@literatureandlatte.com. L&L folks won’t handle them on the forum because of privacy issues. Be sure to whitelist both literatureandlatte.com and tenderapp.com in your email client to be sure of getting your replies.

Hope this helps!

Google Scrivener license recovery.