A little publicity . . .

James Fallows, a bigfoot US journalist who often writes about the software he uses, devoted a column in the June issue of The Atlantic Monthly to programs for intellectual work.'' After some praise for a Windoze app he added, Scrivener, a new research and writing application, is what I would try on the Mac.’’

Brief. Still, nice to see Scrivener getting some ink.

Here’s a link, but it doesn’t yield the entire article, alas.

theatlantic.com/doc/prem/200 … l-judgment


Out of curiosity, which Windows app does he like?


A Fallows recommendation is worth having. He’s a writer of features, currently based as far as I know in Beijing, and when he writes about technology it’s from the ordinary user’s point of view. In the past one of his favourite programmes was Zoot; he’s interviewed and written about Zoot’s lone developer, whom for some reason he’s always called The Admiral.

So - a good man to have in your camp, General Keith! :wink: