A little SG feature I miss...

So, I’m doing NaNo again, and (as is the norm for NaNo) being moderately obsessive about word count.

Since I like the one file = one scene model that seems to fit so nicely with Scrivener, I will often have several files created in one day. I make a group for each day, partly for daily export simplicity (choose a group to export instead of click-click-click to choose specific files is great by the way) and partly because in SG, you could right-click on a group and get a word count for all the files in that group.

I kind of like being able to see the wordcounts for chapters (being groups as well) that easily just to see if they’re fairly balanced in size when I’m in the editing phase, too.

Is there any chance that’ll ever come back, or is that a “no way, it’s gone for good” item?

There is a relatively quick way to get a word count on a group already. Just select the group or document stack and press Cmd-Opt-1 to Edit Scrivenings on the group. Of course, use Cmd-Opt-2 if you have non-exporting elements included that you do not want counted. The word count for the selected portion of the draft will be shown in the footer bar of the editor.

That’s handy, thanks for the tip AmberV :slight_smile:

It’s not quite as fast as just right-clicking on a series of groups to compare a series of chapters for size balance, but it’ll do.

Yeah, I think this would be a useful feature, even outside of Nano usage. I liked it in SG, too.

SG used to have word count of selections too, IIRC. That was very handy for identifying exactly which word was your 15,000th, say.

But Scrivener has been a wonderful tool for NaNo writing, just as it was last year.

Dunx - Scrivener also does word count of selections upon ctrl-click.

Scrivener handles word counts different to SG. Remember the untracked SG bug whereby the word count could get out of sync with the document? This is why. In SG, the word count was actually saved into the project, on a per-document basis (and hence, it could get out of sync). In Scrivener, it is always dynamic. This way, it can never get out of sync. The downside is that whereas with SG, it could just gather a word count for each document using its saved count very quickly, in Scrivener, doing it dynamically takes more time. Thus I left it out of the ctrl-click menu, because it could cause a delay in showing the contextual menu whilst it calculates the word count - especially if calculating a large chunk of text. Hope that makes sense.

I’m having problems with ‘edit scrivenings/exportable content’. It still contains all my annotations, even though I have set ‘export files’ and ‘export draft’ to exclude annotations. Am I doing something wrong?

No. “Exportable content” just means that it will show files that are set to “Include in Export” in the inspector. It has nothing to do with annotations, which are always visible. Please see the tutorial and the FAQ for more info.
Thanks and all the best,

Thanks, Keith, for the speedy response, and the very polite reminder to RTFM. I’m suitably chasened :blush:

Hi Roger, it wasn’t meant to chasten - sorry if you took it that way! :slight_smile: I’ve just got an hour to go through all of the posts on the forum so I’m trying to answer them as quickly as possible. The “how do I hide annotations” question (the short answer to which is “you can’t”) is one that has come up quite a lot, and AmberV has (very kindly) written a very good explanation to this in the FAQ, so I really was trying to point you to the place that would give you the best answer rather than unhelpfully saying “RTFM”, honest. :slight_smile:

The answer on hiding annotations will point you in the right direction, however due to the number of questions surrounding word counts, I am currently writing up an answer that will address the various mechanisms Scrivener has for checking word counts in situations where you wish to omit types of data like annotations. Check the FAQ in about half an hour – give or take. Thanks.

Okay, it is up, and currently #10 in the list.

Thanks Keith - missed that.

What a fantastic forum! It’s almost like having a live link with the developers. I really appreciate Keith and AmberV’s efforts in being so responsive.
One negative side effect - I’m now waking up in the night and thinking about responses in this forum, as well as my nanowrimo piece. How sad! :cry:

I do appreciate that the technicalities of programing (of which I have no knowledge) mean that it isn’t possible to remove annotations from the word count at the bottom of the page. It’s just that I use annotations quite liberally to note comments about my draft whilst I am typing. It frees me to move on, knowing that I can come back and deal with inconsistencies or bits I’m particularly unhappy with. From that perspective, I really don’t want annotations to appear in word counts. I use them like comments in Word, and they don’t appear in the word count. Maybe there are instances where it would be useful to include annotations.

Having said that, I am quite happy to use the project statistics route. I really have become a big fan of Scrivener and the responsiveness of the developers.

This is why I added the feature to project statistics - it was requested quite early on, in beta 1, I think. It would be a nightmare trying to remove the annotation word count from the document word count for the live statistics displayed in the footer view, though. And I don’t mean for me the developer - I mean for the user. Technically, I could do it. But in practice, it would slow down typing, especially on long documents. Currently that live word count only calculates the words that get changed, for speed. It doesn’t worry about attributes such as annotations or footnotes. As soon as you enter this into the equation, Scrivener has to start doing a lot more work and there is suddenly more processing power required just for typing.

I may add a keyboard shortcut for project statistics, though - suggestions for a good key combination, anyone?

Incidentally - and I think AmberV covers this in her tutorial - things such as annotations are really intended to be used in conjunction with snapshots. So you draft a document with lots of annotations, then take a snapshot of it before you start rewriting. You can refer back to the old version (snapshot) any time you want, and happily replace annotations with the proper, edited, text.

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I use alt cmnd s

That’s already in use by “Show Status Stamps”, so I’ve used shift-alft-cmd-S.

Another word count feature I miss from SG is the session count. I also liked the word counting goals, but I guess this probably eats up processor power. The idea of just being able to check back on how many words you’ve typed this session however is great, so if you write like me (700 words a day, no more no less) it’s a much better way of keeping track than having to check the word count and then manually add up the amount and know what you’re supposed to finish for that day.

Anyhow, just a little wish. I absolutely love this program in all other ways.

I did find a little app called NanoCount that live counts words in TextEdit and you can implement goals but it doesn’t work with Scrivener! I’d love to have this functionality one way or another.

Re: Session counter

Revel in all four pages of classic Scrivener forum fun! :smiling_imp:

Cool. We have classics now!