A little something for version 2 to expand content types.

The LinkBack Project is an SDK which lets you copy content from one application, and paste it into another in the original format used by the source application. For example, if you had a plot chart in OmniGraffle, you could copy and paste the chart into a document in Scrivener, and it would look exactly like the document in OmniGraffle. The fun part is that you can double-click on the illustration in Scrivener, and it will open in OmniGraffle. As you change the Graffle, it will update in the source Scrivener document. There are only around a dozen applications listed as participating, though I know of at least one (VoodooPad) that is not on that list. By the time S2 becomes a serious consideration in a year or two, this just might be one of the best ways to embed expanded content (like those Mind Maps :slight_smile: ) into Scrivener.

Was it you or someone else who posted this on the old forum last year? Yeah, I’m aware of this (because of that post last year) and it does look pretty interesting. Isn’t it Nisus who are involved with this? I’ll keep an eye on it, but you are right that this is definitely a version 2.0 or beyond sort of thing. (And to be honest, after the two years I have put into 1.0, and with a release in sight, I really can’t think about any versions beyond 1.0 with any objectivity or enthusiasm for a while. :slight_smile: )

I am currently testing Scrivener for use in writing science/engineering type documents. The inclusion of well-formated mathematical equations and richly drawn graphic illustrations is often the norm. The ability to edit these additions “on the fly” while authoring text would be a great benefit.

Support of LinkBack within Scrivener would allow this and, as such, would be a strong selling point IMO.

For mathematical equations, you might want to look into using MultiMarkdown. Scrivener fully supports it, though I don’t use it myself so am not actually the best person to talk about it. :slight_smile: As for LinkBack, that is waaaay off in the future - if ever - I am afraid.

Thanks and all the best,

[sigh] :cry:

Perhaps someone who is LinkBack proficient could help with this???

(I certainly wish I was and therefore could …)

Anyway, thanks for the quick response.

LinkBack hasn’t even been updated for 2 years, which makes me a little nervous, anyway…

I have used linkback extensively in various other pieces of software, particularly VoodooPad, and I can say that it is very useful. I can’t comment on the date the library was last updated, but it seems to work well in other programs. I think it would fit in well with Scrivener – in fact, it’s the main thing that makes me hesitate to adopt scrivener overall, as being able to embed graphs, drawings, and other complex documents would be a big bonus.