A Lot of Missing Words

Hi there,

Thanks in advance for anyone who is able to help with this. I have been using Scrivener for Windows for a while now, and over the weekend I decided to download the ios version so I can access my project on the go. I have been using drop box on both windows and ios, but the ios version had stopped syncing properly, and wouldn’t sync the most recent 2k words of the project. It did, however, sync the first 34k of it.

This morning, when I went to open the project on Windows, those same 34k words were just gone. I’ve tried using the most recent backup file from over the weekend, when everything looked fine, but there are no words there either. The upside is that the words missing from Windows are available on ios, and the words missing from ios are still there on Windows, but I have no idea how this has happened or what to do about it. This is the first time I’ve ever had a major problem with scrivener and I’m sure it’s related to my trying to use it across devices with drop box.

Why has this happened and what’s the best course of action here? Right now I’d be happy just to rescue the windows version of my project, but I’m now worried about syncing to drop box in case I lose the 34k words from my phone as well.

Thanks to anyone who can possibly help,

From iOS Scrivener , email a zipped copy of the project to yourself - Projects page >edit > select the project > share (button on bottom with up arrow). Then you’ll have an iOS version copy safe.

From Desktop Scrivener, do Backup To, and select a folder that’s NOT your normal project or backup folder. That will keep your desktop version safe.

On the desktop, using those two backups that you just created , copy/paste your words into a third consolidated version and rebuild your project.