A masterpiece

Thanks for producing this excellent software. From reading thes boards, it appears I may differ from the average user in that my usage is more short-form, non-fiction, political/journalism related as opposed to literary/fiction/theater. However, my conclusion about the software is the same. I reviewed Scrivener on my blog. reversespin.com/?p=423.

Thank you. :slight_smile: I’m glad you like the split screen feature - it still baffles me that more software doesn’t have this feature, as it was one of the things I really wanted and seemed rather obvious…
Anyway, thanks again!
All the best,

Welcome. You are actually not alone here. A good deal of my writing is short-form and non-fiction, with a social/ethical bent. Philosophical bent too. My fiction is more my avocation. There are plenty of other non-fiction types as well or those who like me write both.

These boards have a nice tone, a change from the nasty world of politics I deal with most of the time. I love hearing how various writers go about their craft, both psychologically and technically. Keith, the lack of split screens in other apps puzzles me as well. I had largely given up. The real topper is the ability to pop documents in and out with ease. A split screen structure without that feature wouldn’t be the same.