A Message I Just Sent to SimpleMind re Neat Undocumented Scrivener Compatibility & New Scrivener Feature

The message reads:


I wanted to let you know that I use SimpleMind every day to aid in writing with Scrivener. I discovered that the incredibly powerful hierarchical Scrivener Project Keywords can be directly copied into a SimpleMind Topic, and when the user hits paste, the Scrivener Keyword is automatically pasted as a child to that Topic. I also type in the Text area of The Topic, and at the top add “" and then paste the keyword from Scrivener their if I want. This allows me to search for " Keyword” in SimpleMind, and they are highlighted in SimpleMind, thereby functioning as a Tag system that is integrated with Scrivener. I was going to suggest you consider advertising this on your website, but hesitated, because you may not want to advertise something that is not completely under your control and is undocumented. But this is a hugely powerful feature that I use daily with Scrivener and SimpleMind. To have one unified Keyword Tag system for my mind map and my Scrivener outline/writing is huge.

BUT TODAY, I just received notice that the update to Scrivener has the following new feature in the Mac version:

“Added a new drag format that other developers can use to drag and drop items between Scrivener and other apps. (We haven’t documented this yet, so please get in touch if you’re a developer interested in using it.”

This is a perfect fit for SimpleMind and Scrivener to further leverage Scrivener’s powerful Keywords system. For writers, they would have the option of one Keyword list that works for SimpleMind, Scrivener and Aeon Timeline 2. Scrivener can already export the Keyword list to Aeon Timeline 2. But better than exporting, just work with the Scrivener Keyword list directly in SimpleMind, no export needed. Simple :slight_smile:

I hope you find this info useful. Great program.

All the best."