A minor Note Body Colour request


I frequently use different note body colours, but I often find it difficult to identify, especially, the lighter colours among the Inspector colour patches. I often make the wrong choice when trying to select the same colour as another note.

I would appreciate, for instance, a bold frame indicating the current body colour of a note to make it easier to pick the same one for a related note.

Kind regards,


(Moved this to Scapple Tech Support, since it’s no longer in beta.)

Scapple just uses the standard OS X colour pop-up on Lion and Mt. Lion, so I’m not sure there’s a way to do this, or that it’d be particularly convenient even if there is, but there are a couple other ways to do what you want. First, you might just use the Format > Note Style > Copy Note Style (Opt-Cmd-C) command to copy, then Paste Note Style (Opt-Cmd-V) to paste, the style from one note to another. This will include more than just the background colour, so it’s possible that will copy too much, but it’s a quick and easy way to do this otherwise.

Another option is to bring up the colour palette to apply the colours. Select the note whose colour you want to copy and then use Shift-Cmd-C to open the palette (or choose “Show Colors” from the option in the inspector). The colour palette will show the current background colour at the top. You can then select the note or notes you want to apply that colour to and then just click the colour in the palette to apply it.