A missing possibility of page break in Scrivener 3 Section layouts ?

I am sorry if my English is not good. I am a French teacher and here is my issue with Scrivener 3 for Mac that I use for writing my lessons, if someone can help. I have given a picture of my binder to illustrate. I have created section types for my project : Cours, sous-cours, partie, paragraphe, exercice, table des matières. I have also created a section layout called “Cours”. But there is a section in my lesson that I would like to have a specific behavior when compiled, and it seems to me impossible. It is the section “exercice” : I want a page break before and AFTER an Exercice draft. It is the only section who must have this behavior. Or the only possibility with Scrivener 3 seems to put a page break before a section if the section type is different and/or if it is the same. This prevent me to achieve my goal. Exemple (see picture) : the section called “partie” as “IV) Société naturelle contre…” should have a page break before because it is an “exercice” before, but the partie “III)Nature du lien social” should not because before it is a “paragraphe”. Thanks for the help of anyone