A more comfy fullscreen mode

Hi everyone.

My wish list for Scrivener keeps shrinking (thanks to help I got from this forum), so the things that are left (aside from the iOS version, just to beat that unborn horse a little more) are relatively trivial.

One of the things still on it, is the fullscreen mode.

Scrivener’s implementation has a lot of things I like, like the adjustable background opacity and the ability to keep certain information windows in the frame, but compared to others (Ulysses 3 comes to mind, iA Writer and Byword, too), it seems rather stark.

I guess the metaphor KB is going for is that of a page of paper, so I’m probably barking up the wrong tree here. And I’m not talking about turning Scrivener into OmmWriter.
But I do find those full fullscreen modes much more comfortable to write, especially with slightly bigger fonts.

My ideal scenario would be a full-fullscreen-mode with its own font, so that one could have a nice big font in fullscreen mode to work on single texts one at a time without eye-strain, and the smaller, default font in regular mode.

Have you had a look at the Composition preference pane yet? There is a whole section for setting up custom colours. You can go for just about any look you can dream up, and you can certainly copy any settings you like from some other software. If you don’t like the “paper” look then just make both that and the background the same. You can even override the text colour to work better with darker backgrounds, if that’s your thing.

Also note that in the same panel at the bottom where you can adjust opacity, there is a text zoom control. There are a lot of settings here actually, it might be worth look at that after you’ve got the colours right.

Unbelievable. Now it looks like Ulysses 3’s fullscreen mode, and it took almost all of two minutes.

Thanks a bunch. Once again :smiley:

Flexo, you can also save your “theme preferences” as a preset. I keep some of them for working in different situations (green on black for the day, amber on dark grey for the night, other settings for other particular types of inspiration…).