A moving read?

guardian.co.uk/books/booksbl … -loo-study

onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1 … x/abstract

… or a reading movement.


like the, ‘AMERICAN RENAISSANCE’ Mr P? :confused:

Most, if not all of vic-k’s contributions, modifying ‘The Unifying Theory of Everything’, owe their existence to inspirational interludes whilst on the throne. That’s probably why most of his pronouncements are full of sh (oops sorry! :blush: …nearly said a rude word (again)), patently rubbish.


most of the times a “movement” can be rather messy.

“Coprological” – what is life about but learning new words?

True, Mr Hugh, oh so true, but not to be confused with 'Eschatology, the study of the…End? :confused: