A much more trivial Corkboard request...

Radical changes aside, I have a minor wish regarding the Corkboard and keyboard shortcuts, although I’m not sure how simple it would be to implement.

Normally when you press Cmd-N to create a new text document, the document is created in the current folder and then opened in the editor. However, when the Corkboard is active in the currently selected editor/split, it would be nice if Cmd-N instead created a new text document as an index card without automatically opening the document in the editor, similar to the version of the ‘new text document’ button on the bottom status bar of the corkboard.

Reason being, I’m a shortcut junkie, and when I’m creating new documents on the corkboard, it’s because I’m brainstorming/early outlining synopsis. I’m creating a bunch of sections and writing their synopsis in one foul swoop.

I know, I know, I could pick up the mouse and press the button - but I like to outline fast (stops me from tripping over my own self-loathing), and that means keyboard driven - Cmd-N, Tab, Write Synopsis, rinse repeat.

I’m not sure what setting you have that is causing this behaviour. For me, when I make a new index card (whether by pressing return, or Cmd-N), the view stays in Corkboard the entire time. I have to intentionally open the card with Cmd-Opt-O. The only thing I can think of is that you have the “3-pane” mode turned on—those little blue arrows in the Corkboard footer? But that would have a lot of other side effects.

It sounds as though you have the focus in the binder when you are hitting cmd-N. If the focus is in the corkboard, you get the behaviour you want.

Ah, my favourite type of wish - functionality that’s already there that I’d somehow not noticed.

Thanks guys :slight_smile: