A must have for me - Styles on Compile[NOTED]

Scrivener Team:

What a great first beta, congratulations! I’m willing to submit this request to the “wish list” when it comes up but I really hope you would consider it in your first release. Any of you users that have to exchange Word documents (most Windows users) will really thank you for it - and it would really set you apart from competition in the Windows world.

I saw the discussions in your forums regarding styles and the technical difficulty in implementing them properly in the RTF parser. I don't think styles in your interface is needed. What I am asking for is for you to emit, during compilation, a style sheet and tag paragraph and character styles in the text when the user has chosen to "override text and notes formatting". Paragraphs would be marked as "body text" style, and titles would be marked as H1, H2, H3, etc. based on the level of nesting in the folder structure. You could also have a style for "synopsis", "meta data", etc.  Where a user has marked text as italic, bold, etc. you could emit a character style "bold", "italic", "bold-italic", etc. You could even do the same for lists - emitting "list bullet", "list bullet2", etc.

The result is an RTF file that can be imported and actually worked with in Word (or other RTF based word processors). It would also allow the use of Word templates, and would allow a simple change of a style definition to work across the document.

Since you are already emitting the actual formatting in the RTF, I believe it should not be very difficult to add the RTF style tags as well. You could probably use a “canned” style sheet.

This should probably apply to HTML as well emitting a CSS style table at the beginning of the HTML and just reference it in the HTML tags. It would use similar logic.

Please give this some consideration and if it won't work now, get it on the wish list.

Thanks for listening,



This is a brilliant idea. Every time I try to think of a cool thing to write on this forum, I can’t cobble it together. And I call myself a writer! Ha! Yes! This would be incredible. Especially for some of the experimental poetry and playwrighting I do. I sometimes dream like a graphic designer, so this would be great!!