a new Cork?

I dare to submit this one (hand made with seamless pattern)


As I have a french system I prefer not to explain how to install it!
If you are interested (for Full Screen too, but paper option has vanished in V1)… ask me.


Merci, Jean Louis

I quite like your pattern: pleasantly dark, fine-grained and seamless. Not unlike a a real cork wall I had in an office many homes ago. I’ve looked around the net for something similar, but none of the files I found looked quite as good.

For those of you on English systems, I’ll take a stab at installation instructions. It’s fairly easy and safe, but you will be fooling with the Scrivener application package so be careful, backup etc. etc.

Start by using “Download Linked File” on JL’s link.


  1. Quit Scrivener
  2. Control(or Right)-Click on the Scrivener application file and choose “Show Package Contents.”
  3. Drill down to Scrivener/Contents/Resources.
  4. Drag the file CorkboardPattern.jpg out of the Resources folder and save it somewhere as a backup in case you change your mind and wish to reinstall it.
  5. Replace it with Jean-Louis’ new - and correctly named - CorkboardPattern.jpg file.
  6. Close the Scrivener Application Package.
  7. Restart Scrivener

That’s it. Just reverse the operation if you prefer the old corkboard.



That’s a nice addition to Scrivener. I like the warm tone and the finer grain of the cork. Thanks to Jean-Louis for the contribution, and to Eiron for the instructions.

happy you’re happy with it!
thank you Eiron!
In french system it is “afficher le contenu du paquet”

Un peu compliqué, quoi.

Chanceux…Paris me manque. (J’ai habité près des Gobelins de 2004 a 2006). J’ai besoin d’aller courir dans Les Jardins du Luxembourg.

Mon pays ce n’est pas un pays, c’est l’hiver. (Je suis au Canada)

E :frowning:

Que de nostalgie!
On s’est sans doute croisés… En 2004 J’habitais à deux pas de la place d’Italie et j’enseignais place Nationale.
Pas de regret: aujourd’hui la neige tombe et il fait -2° à Paris et -10 par ci par là .
Mais heureusement, comme dit ta chanson:
Not’ pays ce n’est pas un pays, c’est Scrivener…
Bien à toi

Précisément. I live in Scrivener these days.
Mais même la neige est plus belle à Paris. Toute douce, petite et surtout temporaire.

Back to work.

On the “future” list is the option to select any image from your hard drive for your corkboard background. :slight_smile:

thank you Keith!

Here is a version that is slightly lighter, and just a touch softer.

Note that 1.01 supports custom corkboard backgrounds - you can load one from disk using the Preferences - so you won’t have to hack this anymore. :slight_smile:


"Here is a version that is slightly lighter, and just a touch softer. "

Ideal! promptly adopted…

“Note that 1.01 supports custom corkboard backgrounds”


jl, (cork)screwing his head around to find V1.01

1.01 isn’t out yet… It will be out in a couple of weeks. I’m just telling you what is already in 1.01 on my computer. :slight_smile: