A new, much simpler way to fix Projects showing 'not compatible'

I found when preparing test projects for Support that the actual problem is different than it had seemed, and much easier to remedy.

You don’t have to worry about direct-linked web page Resources or wierd fonts having crept in. In fact, Scrivener iOS handles these better than Scrivener Windows latest, at this point (another bug to report there).

When you get the ‘not compatible’ screen from Scrivener iOS, after properly converting the Project and putting it in your Dropbox Apps/Scrivener folder, simply open that copy in Scrivener, and move one of your items in the Binder so that they are in a different order. You can no doubt put this back later to any order you prefer. I moved an item in the Resources area, but suspect again that doing this in Drafts or anywhere would have the same effect, which is to cause Scrivener to revise its master file.

Then close Scrivener, just to assure the changes are fully written.

That’s all – just wait a few moments or minutes depending on how fast Dropbox updates - for me nearly instantly, then go into Scrivener iOS and agree to take the Sync it asks you to do, because it noticed – this is part of Keith’s excellent plan for syncing working without issue everywhere.

Now you can open the formerly blocked project, and Scriven to your heart’s content. If this was your problem…

I’ll get a revised report with before and after project zips into Windows/Bugs, which is where the problem evidently resides. Should be a simple fix for them, and let’s hope covers the main issues a few people are having and reporting. I think this is a very solid release, an issue like this notwithstanding, more kudos to the team.

Kind regards,

p.s. in the course of preparing projects and finding this fix, I re-saved the bad project under a different name – that’s the copy used to demonstrate that iOS Scrivener doesn’t like it. So at least on Windows, a Save As will not remove the problem found here. Might do on a Mac, as someone seems to have reported…