A nice big clear document icon, please


At the moment, in OS X, in list view it’s very hard to see a Scrivener document amongst all other documents. It quite faint, and not at all distinctive. For a while I would write SCRIV in capital letters after the file name so I could see it. Then I googled a nice big Scrivener icon (the app icon) and copied pasted that into the document icon. It’s big, easy to see and distinctive.

Actually, that lovely icon is wasted as the app icon. There’s only one app, but tens of Scrivener documents. Is there any way of making the doc icon easier to see. Why not keep the app icon as it is and then make the doc icon as the same image but a different colour?

(The clear one at the top of this list, the indistinct at the bottom, just to make my point : )

Thanks - Nigel

Users can set their own icons in OSX…


…or you can change the icon size in the finder

…or use finder to group files by type

…or set up a smart folder that only shows Scrivener files…

dummies.com/how-to/content/s … lion0.html


I already copy and past a new icon for the document. Every time I create a new document. Gets a bit dull.
I could even use Automator, probably.
You can’t unfortunately change the icon size in list view
You could use Finder to arrange by kind - but scrivener files are included in documents.
And anyway I like my alphabetical arrangement.

What would be really nice would be a nice, clear Scivener document icon : )

Try opening the View Options in Finder and deselecting “Show icon preview”. That will give you a much clearer icon when using small sizes since it won’t be trying to preview the actual project text as part of the image.

In the view options you can also choose to use a large icon size, which does affect list view.

I don’t really see how it’s not distinctive, to be honest - it’s the only icon with a blue bar down the left side, so I can instantly recognise Scrivener documents at a small size, both in the Finder and in the screenshot you provided. Maybe the blue could be a bit brighter, I suppose.

Show Icon preview was just the ticket. I need some help for my tired, 48-year-old eyes. Or maybe a retina screen?

Thanks - Nigel

Hi Nigell123

It appears that the Scrivener document icons come from the ScrivenerDocument.icns file in Scrivener > Contents > Resources. I assume that it must be possible to change this file for one of your own design. Doubt the developers would approve and I certainly have not tried doing this because (1) I’m happy with the existing icon and (2) I’m happy with the idea of changing individual document icons one at a time given that I don’t have that many Scrivener projects anyway.

You can change the icon size in list view. Open a folder, type CMD J and you get these options:


Arranging by kind will group Scrivener with other documents, but at least all the Scrivener files will be together. It is possible to arrange by kind but sort by name—although this will still jumble document types up, even if it removes other file types from the mix.

As you say you like an alphabetical arrangement anyway, I assume you already know the file name you are looking for and can therefore find the file you want irrespective of the file icon.

A Smart Folder that harvests and serves up links to all your .scriv Scrivener files (wherever they may be stored) might well help. You can add the Smart Folder to the Finder’s side bar as well as to the Dock so that your Scrivener files are only ever one click away.

support.apple.com/kb/PH11021?vie … cale=en_US