A niggle about the QuickReference Inspector Comments UI (Scriv 3)

I’m not sure if anyone else has made the same, somewhat silly mistake that I’ve kept making today. I have a QuickReference panel open, and when I click a comment/footnote, the inspector opens as a bottom pane. So far so good.

When time comes to close the pane, I see the - symbol on the top right and click on it reflexively (maybe its some old Windows habits…). Of course, this is part of the Comments UI, specifically the button to delete selected comment. Suddenly the selected comment is gone and I can’t get it back! I’ve done completely the wrong thing, unfortunately resulting in mild data loss.

Basically, when the inspector pane is on the bottom of a QuickReference panel the UI is (to me) ambiguous and confusing, because the control to close or change the inspector remains on the top right of the QuickReference panel - far away from the inspector itself. When the inspector is occupying the right pane position, that control is right above it, right where I’d expect, and its clearer that the - symbol is attached to the Comment controls and not the inspector controls.

Just a small thing, otherwise Scrivener 3 is really awesome and I love it to bits (and bytes).

You can get a comment back if you click in the text and hit undo (Cmd-Z). The minus sign never means “close” in macOS.

All the best,