“Double quotesâ€

Here’s another minor thought about Scrivener. In pretty much every Apple program Alt + ] = ‘, and Alt + Shift + ] = ’. Similarly, Alt + [ = “ and Alt + Shift + [ = â€

Hi James,

The behaviour you describe only occurs when smart quotes are enabled. When they are not, you get the standard behaviour. To me, it makes sense that if typing normal quotes gives you smart quotes, then the usual shortcuts for smart quotes should give you straight quotes - it serves the same function of giving you quick access to the alternate quote style.

In circumstances where you want to change the quote type when smart quotes are active, you can do this: after typing the smart quote, hold down shift and hit the left arrow key to select the quote. Then re-type the quote - this will allow you to cycle between quote types.

All the best,

Thank you for your time. :slight_smile: