A Pedanticity of Scrivenerati

theguardian.com/books/2014/s … tive-nouns :open_mouth:

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Fun – and surprising in some cases! Who would have thought that a phrase invented by a fiction writer in the 1950s would become a standard, recognised collective noun in just a few decades?

“Pedanticity” is good, and captures the essence – the reality, we might say – of many L&L participants, particularly the older ones. A second cluster also comes to mind, this one incorporating – but not limited to – newer participants. Perhaps we might categorize them as a “grumble.”


I like a good collective noun (is there a collective noun for collective nouns? A glossary I suppose, but that’s boring and lacking the necessary whimsy). Wikipedia has a good list. I particularly enjoyed a herd of asses, although is suspect that doesn’t mean what I think it does.

I heartily endorse both Vic’s primary listing and PJS’s humble addition to this… whimsy of collective nouns we have at our disposal.

do you mean ‘hearing of arses?’… as in:pfffrrrtttt! pffrrt!! pffffffrrrrrtttttt!! pfrtt! pfrt! pfrt!

I claim a degree of credit – call it pedantry, if you must – for refusing to cave, as was my initial impulse, to this temptation:

But I did not.


WIMP!! pfffrrrtt!!