A place for clippings

I have been using Scrivener to write my family history, and I have found its ability to store reference documents in a writing environment to be invaluable. I typically use one text document for each generation which I then rewrite endlessly since my research often contains a lot of conflicting accounts.

To make my Scrivener experience more enjoyable, I would find it very useful if every text document in the draft folder could have its own “clipboard” (another text document) which would appear in the second pane of the main editor either by default when selecting split mode or perhaps by clicking a “Show Clipboard” button in the toolbar.

When I edit my writing I often extract blocks of text that I am undecided in keeping, and it would be nice if I could have a quick and convenient place to safely store this text in case I do decide to use it in my story at a later time. A “Send to Clipboard” option in a contextual menu would also be useful; selecting this option would essentially cut and paste hi-lighted text from the document I am working on to its associated clipboard as a separate paragraph.

For now, I make do by creating a duplicate for each document, but this is tiresome, and it adds a lot of clutter. Clipboards, on the other hand, could be created automatically with each new document, and they would not need to be visible in the binder.

Would the ‘document notes’ section in the inspector frame work for this? It’s a document-dependent rtf field, so it seems like it would work?

My accumulated clippings usually add up to hundreds of words, and the Document Notes is not suitable for that much text. I often revise the clippings when trying to decide whether they can be of use in the main work, and I would prefer to do this in the main editor.

I often use the document notes for “offcuts”. You can make the panel pretty wide, and show the ruler if you want. See the screenshot. I’ve never found it constricting for hundreds, or even thousands of words.

Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 14.18.18.png

I see what you mean about using Document Notes, mbbntu. Although this isn’t its intended purpose, it can be of use. I simply prefer to work in the main editor with a horizontal split and with the view set to 125%, and it would be nice if my “offcuts” could be accessed in this manner. As it stands, I will continue to create my own companion document for each actual document so that I may work in a way that feels natural to me.