A Place to Post Creative Writing

Hi Keith,

It’s me, lovescriv again. I was wondering if it would be possible to designate a section on this forum for people to post up their creative writings made through using Scrivener. I genuinely feel your software has improved my writing, and it would be neat if there were a place where people can showcase their writing to ‘the public’. It would be a constructive place for people to share and receive criticism and improve their writing by receiving instant feedback from other members of the forum.

There would have to be conditions, of course. You should criticize without being rude, for starters. And you shouldn’t be allowed to post up anything longer than say 5000 words, because, well, people plagiarize and you don’t want to screw yourself.

I think this forum is great but seems to be missing the elephant in the room; that is, a place for people to share their creative works in a constructive matter. That is why most of us use Scrivener, iOS or desktop, isn’t it? To write.