A point for consistency

This is not really a bug, more of an inconsistency. In the novel format, the default label for the “scene” document is “scene”. The default label for the “Chapter” folder, on the other hand, is “no label”.

For consistency, the default label for the “Chapter” folder should be “Chapter”

Thanks, Lunarclipper.

P.S. Got a new computer on Sat. Scrivener runs AWESOME on windows 7 so far! To Lee and crew: Thanks for all your work to make this an awesome product!

Yeah, sounds good. The templates all really need to be gone through to fix them up for Windows so they’re not full of Mac-specific pieces like the title page variables, and we’ll polish them up then. I should probably put up a note to that effect in the Known Bugs, hm. And meanwhile I’ll mark this so we’re sure not to miss it. Thank you.

And glad to hear that Scrivener’s running well on your new machine!