A possible improvement for Scrivenings mode

I kind of like Scrivenings mode for writing, but I have a habit of not only using the folder Text as outline information, but orphaning scenes, too. Now I can turn off their inclusion in a compile, but they still appear in Scrivenings mode.

So. I’d like to request either an extra per Document switch to control if it will be included in the parent Scrivenings mode or not, or an extra Compile Preview mode in Scrivenings mode that honours all the Include in Compile switches.



Wade, that’s a good idea, and in fact it’s something we already have planned for implementation. There will basically be some new options in the Documents/Open menu that will let you view just the pieces of a folder that are set to compile. Since this impacts the current selection for the editor view, it is possible to view that filtered selection any way you like; Scrivenings mode could be one of them.