A Problem With Lists

I am working on a large project in which I need to produce html that sometimes involves lists, including nested lists.

I have been working in Word, where I wrote normally (using lists, headers of various level, etc). I would then copy and paste into a Joomla prototype of the final product. It was simple and easy.

After a lot of frustrations with Word, I have moved over to Scrivener, but I am finding the copying to html a nightmare. The Heading 2 text doesn’t paste as h2, for instance, and the lists add extra numbers and gibberish. The copy as html options don’t generate the clean code I want either.

I LOVE the way Scrivener can keep my projects organised, and was thinking of keeping working in Word for the places where this prevents me from having a workable workflow. But it seems I can’t attach a Word file the way I would attach a PDF, for Scrivener converts the file.

When the platform launches, I’m going to still have to keep submitting and editing html pages, so I really need a solution and I don’t want to have to go back to using Word and lots of folders. But I’m unable to find a solution.

The method I’ve ended up using is to turn Scrivener files into tidy HTML is not ideal, but I can live with it.

The first step is to paste into Word.

Then I set the style to normal, which removes all formatting except the bold, italics, etc.

I then add back the headings, lists etc.

I then paste this into my Joomla editor.

It only takes a minute or two.

I look after some websites, but I don’t, as a rule, compile to Word or HTML. I usually write in Markdown, copying from Scrivener and pasting into the web editors (mainly WordPress sites, not Joomla), allowing them to manage the Markdown to HTML transition.

I use Marked 2 to monitor and test complex pages during composition, and I sometimes use its export options as they produce clean code (in my experience).


In the solution you detail above, you mention pasting from Scrivener to Word. Is the code any cleaner and simpler if you compile to Word rather than pasting?

Slàinte mhòr.