A project export option for iPod ?

I had like to be able to export whole projects directly to my iPod, allowing then for other people to download them to their iPod.

Would that be possible (or…shame on me… is it already possible?). By exporting a project I mean having as well a summary for it…

Are you wanting the ability to publish eBooks, essentially? Something others can (potentially) purchase and read on their iPod Touch or iPhone? There are several eBook formats that are good (and allow for a broader audience than just Apple portable owners). Nothing is directly supported yet, but if this indeed what you are looking for then you might try searching the forums for ebook threads as people have had varying success in this realm. Of course the most portable eBook format is PDF, which is quite easy to create. Most specialised formats range in difficulty.

2.0 will export to the .epub format, which can be read by Stanza on the iPhone.
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Good to know that Scrivener 2.0 will support ePub. Thanks Keith. I don’t know how you find time for all this.

Publishing Scrivener projects via ePub to friends and colleagues with iPods sounds like a marvelous way to get encouragement and feedback for an in-progress novel. It’d be a high-tech, scattered-around-the-world equivalent of the Inklings, a small group that met in an Oxford pub, the Eagle and Child (aka the Bird and Baby), to discuss their future books. Without their encouragement, Tolkien might not have completed his lengthy classic, The Lord of the Rings.

Of course, this scheme lacks the beer and good food of a traditional English pub. Technology does have its drawbacks.

Perhaps someone could come up with an iPod application that’d let friends or business colleagues subscribe to one another’s epub texts via a common server. We might call these longer texts for just for friends ‘toots’ rather than tweets.

–Mike Perry, Inkling Books, Seattle

As an interim solution, till 2.0 comes out, you could simply compile or export to HTML.

Readability will improve dramatically when you include the following line in the header of your HTML document (I learned this from the iWebKit project):

The file can then be made available via Dropbox or private webspace.

I think what you’re talking about is something like TextNovel, which sends your story a chunk at a time to mobile phone users. It doesn’t appear to have a ‘friends only’ function, though.

Personally I don’t want to be trying to write a novel on my iPhone. Super Index Cards looks promising, but what I would really like to see on the iPhone (got one just last month) is a Scrivener companion application that replicates just some basic outlining functionality, i.e.:

  • Export a project’s tree structure (ie the stuff in Draft) with just the contents of the ‘Synopsis’ field

  • Drag’n’drop editing of the tree in Corkboard and/or Outline view (a corkboard, with resizable cards, would suit the iPhone look’n’feel nicely), including adding and deleting cards

  • Editing of the content of each synopsis via the built-in keyboard

  • Export in a format that could be imported into an existing Scrivener project without trashing the existing documents

I don’t know enough about the underlying structure of Scrivener projects to know if that last one is even possible. And anything else, like the Labels and other metadata, would be gravy. I just want a quick overview of my novel that I can read and revise on the move without having to painstakingly retype my entire synopsis on the iPhone first!