A question about Compilation and blank line


I put blank lines inside all my scenes.
When I compile to an epub book, I loose all my blank lines.
Somebody could please help me to keep my blank lines after the compilation.
Many thanks

This is isn’t something that happens normally, so it would help to know of any things you may be doing that are different from a very basic test, like this:

  1. Create a new blank project, and into the starter document, type in three lines, leaving the middle one blank.
  2. Go to File/Compile..., and select ePub at the top.
  3. Select the “Ebook” compile Format in the left sidebar.
  4. Click Assign Section Layouts and make the “Section” type use the “Section Text” Layout, clicking OK.
  5. Compile, and open the .epub file in a viewer.

I used both Calibre and Apple’s Books, and in both I get an empty line between the two test lines.

So you’re probably doing something very different than what I just described. Maybe you started with a project template instead of blank. Maybe you used a different compile format, or layout. Maybe how you insert blank lines is different. Maybe you style the text around them, or the lines themselves… any detail may matter, and surely does since the above should work.

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Many thanks for your answer and all the details.
I try to change theses options but it changes nothing when I compile to epub.
Curiously, my blank lines are ok in the other formats (mobi, pdf, docx).
So It’s probably an issue for epub format. (strange :-/ )
I’ll continue to look forward after it and will post an answer if I find a solution.
Thanks AmberV