A question about Serial Number Name

I have paid but there is something wrong with registration details .

Order Item Details
Scrivener 2 for macOS (Regular Licence)[SKU81634174866] 1 at $45.00 each
Serial Number Name:?? ?
Serial Number:

who can tell me why there are three “?” , how to unlock the trial version of Scrivener so that it becomes the full version.


See the Support page, for information regarding retrieving serial numbers and, if that fails, contacting sales via e-mail.

Hope that helps.

Does your registered name use Chinese characters or another non-European alphabet? There seems to be a bug in the registration system that can cause it to handle such names incorrectly. Please email our support address for assistance: sales@literatureandlatte.com



You are right,I am Chinese ,and my registered name use Chinese characters,I have sent email

Thank you very much!