A question about targets

I’ve been using the targets function recently, and it’s helping me a lot to stay on course. There’s one thing I can’t get to work quite right, though.

In the outliner view, I’m currently looking at a story containing five chapters, each with a target of 1.000 words. In the targets-popup, I entered 5.001 as the goal for the whole project.

When I go into Scrivenings view, the status bar below the main text window shows 2,543/10.001, adding the chapter targets to the overall project target.

I tried setting the project target (in the targets-popup) to zero, but in scrivenings view I still get “/10.001”.
(I looked around the forum, and this might be related to the old value being cached somewhere.)

Is there a way to keep both? I.e. the 5.000 word target for the whole story as well as the 1.000 word targets for the individual chapters?

It sounds as though you have added the 5,001 target to the chapter folder containing the documents that have a 1,000 word target each. When you do that, scrivenings will add all of those targets together. (There shouldn’t be a problem with the target getting cached, by the way, so I would double-check that the target for the folder was really changed; although you may need to reload scrivenings for the target to change.) If you want to set a target for the whole story, you should use Project Targets (from the Project menu). That exists separately to the document targets so should do what you want.

In Scrivenings, I had been looking at the project folder instead of the folder containing the project folder, so I didn’t see the target there. :blush:

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: