a question about the spelling dictionary on Mac's

this question doesn’t quite belong here but I didn’t know where else to put it.

but, the question: I recently had a character say “oof” and, because my Mac’s Spelling Dictionary considered that a typo, added it. I would now like to take it away, because you can easily mistype “oof” for “of”, and I want to catch all (mistaken) instances of my doing so.

how do you access your Mac’s general Spelling DIctionary to remove or add words? I have assumed that my Mac has such a dictionary for Scrivener and all other text editors on my MacBook. thanks in advance, folks.

This article should help.

thanks much. I’ll try it. (actually I don’t know why I didn’t just Google the question. usually I do.)

It’s a lot easier than it used to be! You used to have to insert NULL characters in between each word, which is a pain if you are using a text editor that can’t show them so you can copy and paste. Now you just need to make sure each word is on its own line.