A Rather Niche Name Gen Question

Hi all,

I’m trying to use the Name Generator with lists of Welsh and Old English names I’ve found online (and which I’ve painstakingly put into .csv files), but for some reason, whenever it generates the names, much of the text comes out all wonky, with lots of weird symbols where the accented characters would’ve been. Is this a flaw in the .csv files? Or the font that Name Generator uses to display the results? If it’s the latter, is there a way to adjust which font it uses, so that the names come out right?

Just wondering, as so far, it’s been kind of a let-down that I can’t get this to work.


It could be an encoding problem. Make sure that you save the CSV file in UTF-8 format, as this is what Scrivener assumes for all text file input. If you were using MacRoman or something else, that could cause glitchy characters like you described.

Assuming you were able to get those lists working, it would be amazing if you were willing to share the files. I love Old English and Welsh names.