A real weird one...

I’ve just upgraded my Macs to Sierra. I can see the the eyes roll now!

When I go to ‘compile’ I expect to see all of my chapters and documents in the compile window, and then according to my preferences, tick or un-tick to export to the word processor for fine tuning. Everything was fine in my last OSX 10.11. It worked perfectly. But now the only way of doing it is to select (highlight) the chapters individually before clicking on compile. I’m sure when i come round to finishing the project, and actually compiling it, it will work like this. But it seems strange that when I select Compile, the window is empty nothing is in there. Quite disconcerting actually.

Then again, it could well me me!

Its ok I’ve worked it out. My chapters weren’t in the ‘short story’ container (or whatever its called). I looked at an older project and compared everything about the settings etc, and BOOM!