a recalcitrant but ghostly folded icon

A very very very minuscule bug or the Very Disappointing Story of the Unknown Icon
This morning:
1/ I create a text file
2/ I create another one and move it right (making a child of the first)
3/ I decide to move that child elsewhere (clippings folder).
Result: its parent icon remains with a little fold upright (ah… strange!?!)
I try to convert it to file but I find only the “convert to folder” option.(oh… weird!?!)
So impossible to retrieve a normal icon.
Now, very excited (so infrequent to find a bug inside Scrivener) I decide to explain everything (see above!).
But now, guess! After half an hour of intensive obstinacy impossible to reproduce the THING.(Arghhhh!) Because everything is perfect as always with Scrivener.
And my icon remains folded… as a proof of… something.
The only way I can find to get a normal icon is to duplicate the text in another file and delete the first.

Am I alone? Perhaps it happens only on tuesday morning between 9 o’clock and 9:05 ?



By “a little fold upright”, do you mean it looks like a stack of paper, or a paper with its corner folded over?

If it has the corner folded over, that document has had a snapshot taken (cmd-5). It’s a handy backup feature for when you’re making extensive modifications and don’t want to lose the previous version.

thanks janra!
I had forgotten to assimilate that little detail… to what I obtain after a snaphot (which I use everytime however).
Thank you too for “corner folded over” which was not in my english-french dictionary and makes easy the translation for “pliure intérieure au coin droit supérieur”

The highly technical expression is “dog-ear” (oreille de chien), because a folded corner resembles that part of a pooch.

In french we have “corné” like cow’s horn…


Which in fact gives us the English word corner:
[Middle English, from Anglo-Norman, from Old French corne, corner, horn, from Vulgar Latin *corna, from Latin cornua, pl. of corn?, horn, point.]