A reference section

I would like to create a little reference section in the technical document I’m writing (beware: total Scrivener newbie). For example, I’d like to link a DB table name to the relative definition in a global References section at the end of the document.

For example, collecting all the “Document References” in a section ad the end of the document, or all the Links.

How can I do that in Scrivener without using external tools?

Thank you

I’m not sure I’m interpreting your question well, but if you want a word to be a link to a different document, then use Scrivener Links. You’ll need to keep your definitions separated into individual documents, but that’s easy to do, with the Split function, and a set of definitions can be viewed together using Scrivenings mode.

All of those topics should be covered in the Interactive Tutorial, which I highly recommend, if for no other reason than to be familiar with the terms used in answers like my own. Good luck!

Right! That’s what I’m doing. I’m putting each definition in a separate document in Research, and then I Scrivener Link to them. What I want is - in the final compiled document - a Reference section with all this Documents referenced from the word where I’ve put the link.

Something like what apps like Zotero does with citations, but instead of citation I have references (like a link for a word that refer to a Vocabulary sections with definitions, this is another example).

It is possible to do that in Scrivener? (using third app like Zotero I’m able to do that, but using a specific app for 10-20 references is overkill).

Thank you

Ah, so you want to compile them into the final document, with links to each definition… Got it.

I don’t know that such a setup will work, if you want links to specific definitions. I believe most Scrivener Links, when compiled in the output format of your choice, can only point to where a page break occurs, not within the document. But if you’re talking about reference managers like Zotero, then I’m out of my depth–I assume that footnotes, compiled as “end notes” at the end of the document, are insufficient to your needs?

I think it’s doable, provided you keep all your ‘references’ in the Draft section. Only the Draft section is compiled for output.

Why not, I think footnotes compiled as end notes can work. Can you give me some quick tip?

Thank you

Take a look in the tutorial project (help->Interactive Tutorial) on how to create footnotes. I believe that’s in the first “Part” of the tutorial project. Once you understand how to create a footnote, then go ahead and replace a scrivener link with a footnote, and copy & paste the text of the definition into the footnote. Start up the compile process and select the Footnote section–there should be an option there for footnote placement–choose the option that makes the most sense for your needs and the compile to see how that comes out. If you’re happy with it, then replace any existing links with footnotes and you’re good to go.

You will want to read up on Annotations and Footnotes in the manual (see the Help menu) to learn about the full capabilities of that feature.