A "replacement" or Symbol List

I would love for both versions (Mac and Windows) have a single “file” where you could change the name of things right before you publish - sort of like an advanced find and replace. For instance if I am writing, I would love to get started by naming a character “Joe XYZ” (or anything) and then indicate that this is a character. It would be linked to a file/page/place where I could equate Joe XYZ to the actual character name which I define later on, perhaps distinguishing full name from last or first as well as nickname or a particular reference. Moreover if you could link pronouns to character names contextually it would solve quite a bit of novice writing errors and let me control the specificity of my pronouns better. Thus when I publish it would allow me to make sure that I am not being ambiguous unless I mean to (perhaps an option to link pronouns to multiple nouns), and allow me to change the names of characters to help further the story without the labor of the actual find and replace.

This ability to pinpoint where characters are in the text and how they are referenced would be helpful and could be integrated in the timeline. Moreover the global ability to change overall or inspect these references individually would be truly great.

In non fiction it could lead to a good cross referencing and the ability to standardize texts so that you can actually make better connections. In fiction, it would allow me to focus on the differences of how people are perceived according to relationship and how this develops, as well as the ability to change the name of the characters to tweak these identities even after I have written about them.

If I have missed a similar feature, please let me know. :wink:

Seems like you didn’t look too far on the forums - https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/create-placeholders-for-character-names-places-etc/16083/1