A ridiculous feature request... ;)

Hey, guys. I wrote my third book in Scrivener and it would have been impossible to pull this off without it, because I jump around in the narrative so often.

I’ve gone back to school and everything is online these days: course outlines in PDFs, class assignments, etc. Rather than try to keep track of it all in folders, I’ve just made a single Scrivener project and imported everything into it. I have all my class notes, my essays, my PDFs, everything, in one easy-to-search file.

So, for the ridiculous feature request: can you guys make a calendar so I know when my deadlines are? :stuck_out_tongue:


(Moved to the Wish List board).

I can say broadly that there are plans to implement a deadline feature in the software, as a component of the Project Targets tool. However in keeping with the basic principle of one project being one real-world project, you’ll only be able to specify a single deadline per project with it. It’s not a calendar, but it will count down the days, and even have an option to show you how many words you have left to write per day in order to meet your goal/date.

You could also just enter all this on a calendar like Google or Outlook or whatever and then import that as a PDF. Alternatively, a project reference to your calendar program or webpage would work for quick access to view the calendar.

Keywords, labels, or status stamps might also be handy for grouping your items by a general deadline–e.g. group them by month or by each week in the term; you could then put the specific deadline in the top of the synopsis so it should be fairly visible in a lot of views. Collections to group your items by deadline could also be handy, if you don’t want to keep the itms organized that way in the binder (in the binder you might have them by course or by project or whatever, but then you could have a collection you update of “things to do this week” or a collection for each week in the semester so you know how to spread your time around, etc.)