A ridiculously simple question

I realize I need to go through the tutorial again, and I will do so later today. But I have one very basic question that I’m trying to figure out this morning. How do I add smaller subheadings within a binder? In other words, I want the binder to look like this:
—“Act One”
------ “Sequence One”
--------- And then a list of documents for individual scenes.
I’m sure this is very easy. Thanks in advance for your help.

Create a new document or folder, have it selected in the binder — or select an existing document or folder …

Control-command right-arrow moves it right to lower it in the hierarchy as a child of the element above.
Control-command left-arrow moves it left to raise it in the hierarchy.
Control-command up-arrow moves it up within it’s containing level.
Control-command down-arrow moves it down within its containing level.

Play around with them; you’ll soon get the hang of how it all works.



Or, you can just drag the files wherever you need them. Dragging one document and dropping it onto another will make it a child of that document.
All the best,

thank you!