A scene I'd been working on just disappeared! Help me retrieve it (if possible)

Hello. This horrifying thing just happened to me. In the screenplay template, scene 26, along with its subdocuments (there were 3), simply disappeared. I was working on it (I’d put a good several hours’ worth of work into it by this point), I turned my attention to my phone for a moment, then when I turned my attention back to Scrivener, it simply was gone. Poof. Vanished. I’ve looked in the trash, I’m combing through all each and every document in the left-hand column that shows everything but so far no luck. Please help.

Whew! Okay, I’m still learning this, never bothered to read the manual and so I was able to locate it via “Edit/Find…/Search In Project”. So the big problem is solved. HOWEVER, 1) I would like to know where it went to, 2) how exactly it got there, and 3) I still would like to have those subdocuments back in place. Any clearing up of these questions for me would be greatly appreciated, Thank you in advance.

Disregard that 3rd thing I mentioned. The 3rd thing is now a non-issue since I happily discovered that the subdocs were retrieved along with the main document. Duh. lol

Where did you find them? Otherwise it’s hard to tell how they got there to begin with.

they showed up in a search results column. there was no indication of where they had gone to. so, I don’t know where they went, nor how they got there. at this point, not a big deal. currently in the middle of high productivity and stress so i’m just going to return to writing the scene and then all the rest of the remaining scenes and not worry about it too much.

If you can locate the scene via the project search, right-click on it and choose Reveal in Binder to show where it is in the overall project.

The two most common reasons for what you saw are (1) inadvertently changing the view so that the document(s) you were working on are no longer visible. If you haven’t seen it already, our Interactive Tutorial, available from the Help menu, runs through the (many) view options. (2) It’s possible to accidentally create a new document and give it the focus, which will cause whatever you were working on to appear to vanish.

That first thing that you suggest is impossible unfortunately because I’ve already retrieved the scene from wherever it had gone and placed it back where it belongs. As for the other two possibilities you mention, it was not either of those things that happened. If the view had changed I would’ve noticed, and if I had inadvertently created a whole new document, there’s a decent chance I might have noticed that too. I do appreciate your trying to help though, thanks.