A Scrivener story


I would like to add my feedback.
I am not a writer but a Storyteller and player for pen & paper role-playing games. In the past 15 years I did this always with minimal writing and preparation. But I had always the preparation problem.
I was mostly unprepared and I had hard time to make my notes with word or other tools.

I tried various tools, but I had the biggest success with scrivener. It is fun to use and I write today a lot more then I did wrote in the 15 years before. This is the biggest success an application can achieve from my point of view.

I especially like the easy way to print the Data I need. I can pick the stuff for printing based on the demand I have. This gives me tha ability to manage the story in one document but deliver the story as requested / needed by the play.

The only bad thing about scrivener I found so far is the usability of the tables. I do not need more functionality scrivener offers. However the handling does need a lots of love. Sadly I need a way to structure some data on a page, and the classic approach is a table. If someone has an alternate Idea that works within scrivener I am happy to try.

Tables are one of those things that we get for “free” by programming on a Mac, you just flip the right switches and all of those palettes and the basic UI in the editor are magically available. The unfortunate side-effect of this is that Apple isn’t a big fan of making their stuff easily extensible. In short, the best way to improve tables is to start all over, from scratch. And that’s a lot of work just getting back to the spot where they are right now, let alone going beyond. What specifically are you looking for, though? Maybe it’s already there and I can help you spot it.

Glad to hear the software is helping you out, otherwise!

For tables, I’d suggest just setting up tab stops. You have to manually tab over from one column to the next, but the result is pretty neat. I believe you can set up tabs that align the columns along the left, right, or even center. It’s not as flexible as a Word or HTML table, but if you keep your editor width wider than the tabbed data, then it’ll stay aligned nicely.