A sequencing thing

I want to put a large number of documents together typically less than a page in length each. I want these to be in chronological order. Is there any way I can sequence these other than name them for example 20130822 - Item 266 and do it manually. I’d like the names to be meaningful and the date prefix makes them a bit messy.

All answers gratefully received. Thanks.


You could try putting the date in a custom meta-data field instead of lumping it in with the title. Having it in its own field means you can add it as a column in the outliner, and put it wherever you like among the other columns. You can also sort by it in a way that doesn’t disturb the actual order—or you can use that dynamic sort to impact the actual order. So I think there are some options there that might work for you, and allow you to keep the titles descriptive without losing the ability to access chronological data and such.