A 'shortcuts' question

I’ve been wondering this for some time. I know that my OS Leopard has some shortcut keys built-in to it, so if I use them, it makes things alot easier for me. But when people write programs like Scrivener for the Mac, do they always write them in such a way that will keep them compatible with my built-in shortcuts? It seems I may have lost some, and don’t know why, but I’ve purchased several software programs in the last 3 months. I’m speaking mostly of the Function keys at the top of the keyboard, but would like to know about other shortcut compatibility problems that might exist too.

It would be nice to hear from the creator of Scrivener himself. I think he’s probably labored to make this remarkably wonderful Scrivener program compatible with Mac’s OS’s shortcuts, but I’d like to have his thinking on this and especially some good advice concerning buying software for the Mac.

Developers generally try to avoid the global keys, but yes sometimes they do mess up. There are just so many of them to keep track of. One thing to keep in mind is that you can change what the developer’s specify, in most cases. It’s a little out of the way, but if you go to the Keyboards and Mice preference pane in System Preferences, and click on the last tab, you’ll see all of the internal shortcuts of the OS. You can add your own “over-rides” by clicking the ‘+’ button, choosing the application you wish to “fix”, and then typing in the precise name of the menu function you want to change. Then there will be a field you can click in and once you click there you can type in the shortcut you want. It will print it for you to make sure you got it right, and then just click okay. You might have to restart the program in question for the change to take effect.

Thanks Amber, that’s what I needed. I’m adding your note to my newly created Scrivener Folder called “Help me”. Got great tips in there, just like this one!