A shorter manual?


I’m really new here and have been reading through some of the forums and noticed some complaints about the length of the user manual. While I have no complaints about an extensive manual and have been using it to find most things, I was wondering If there was a “short and sweet” version of the manual in existence or in the works? Would be nice to have something to read front to back as a “get up and going” guide with some added “here are some awesome features you can read more about in the big manual” bits. I noticed that there are video tutorials but I’m one of those who prefers to read a guide as opposed to watching a video.


That precisely describes the interactive tutorial project, available under the Help menu, or from the templates chooser when you go to create a new project. It allows you to read, mark it up, experiment with what the text is covering, or throw out and start over fresh.

Thanks rdale, that is exactly what I had in mind. Walking through it now :slight_smile: